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A large number of the towns and villages around Rheinböllen are located in the Soonwald-Nahe Nature Park. Deciduous forests are the ideal spot for walks, hikes, bicycle tours and wildlife watching. In former times, Schinderhannes and the Hunter of Kurpfalz used to stalk the Soonwald Forest. Nowadays, visitors are likely to encounter a wide variety of indigenous animal species, and maybe even a feral cat. In the big game nature reserve at Rheinböllen, the animals from the Soonwald Forest can be observed at close quarters.

Circular hiking trails take visitors through the territory of wolves and lynxes, and into the habitat of the wild boar. Deer, wisent and bison all also leave tracks here as they roam freely. Well camouflaged high grandstands guarantee a successful wildlife watching experience.

Tourist-Information Rheinböllen
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55494 Rheinböllen
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