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The Simmern town fortification contains a tower that previously also served as a prison, the most famous occupant was the outlaw Johannes Bückler, who found notoriety by the name of Schinderhannes. Since then, the tower has been known as Schinderhannes Tower. On an August night in 1799, Schinderhannes managed a spectacular escape from the tower, which was thought to be an impossible feat.

Today the former prison cell is entirely devoted to the exciting tale of the famous brigand. Visitors can follow in his footsteps on guided tours of the town, or through the dense Soonwald Forest. In the process, they can also acquaint themselves with the surrounding villages and their half-timbered houses, the frescoes of the Nunkirche (Nun church) near Sargenroth, and the Hunsrück Dom (Hunsrück Cathedral) in Ravengiersburg. The new palace in Simmern is also home to the Hunsrück Museum.

In the Rheinböllen animal park, the wild inhabitants of the Soonwald can be seen up close and personal. Circular hiking trails lead through the wolf and lynx areas, to the mouflon and the wild boar enclosure. Red deer and fallow deer follow bison. Stalking trails and well-camouflaged high perch stands guarantee successful game viewing.

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