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Cycling in the Hunsrück

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Welcome to the Hunsrück

We welcome you to the Hunsrück Tourist Board website!
Come and explore our beautiful region, which is nestled between the Moselle and the Rhine.

Travel by car or take a flight to Hahn Airport, which is conveniently located at the heart of our region. 
Here you will discover Hunsrück´s unique landscape, surrounded by the four beautiful river and wine valleys Moselle, Nahe, Saar and Rhine.
The far west of Germany, close to Belgium, Luxembourg and France, is heaven for culture lovers, wine fans and holidaymakers with energy to spare.

Experience the taste of German “Gemütlichkeit” and hospitality, whilst strolling through our picturesque towns and villages. For a more relaxed holiday you could do a number of sightseeing and shopping tours. Enjoy the amazing views of the imposing castle ruins, surrounding the towns.

Acommodation is easy to find. Local farms offer exciting holidays, where families can stay. In addition you could find many other holiday apartments and holiday homes, reasonable guest houses and excellent hotels in our region.
Come and experience Hunsrück´s hospitality, in the tranquility of our quaint villages and stunning landscape!