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The villages around Kirchberg owe their charm mainly to the plentiful supply of attractive half-timbered houses.

The historical market place in Kirchberg is particularly beautiful. Visitors can also explore many locations used in the series of German films entitled Heimat (Homeland). Scenes that took place in the fictional town of Schabbach were actually shot in Woppenroth or Gehlweiler and many other small villages in the Hunsrück.

At Woppenroth, visitors can take a stroll across a juniper heath, examples of which are becoming increasingly rare. Around 200 years ago, these were a major feature of the landscape of the Hunsrück as meagre grazing land.
The name Hahn is familiar not just because of the town of the same name and ist pretty church, but also due to Hahn Airport. This is where guests from many destinations arrive.

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