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The 17 Hunsrück villages around Zell are a real insider's tip. From here, countless hiking trails and cycle paths lead along little brooks, taking visitors to fantastic viewpoints.

The Layensteig Strimmiger Berg and Altlayer Schweiz dream loops reveal impressive rock formations and Hunsrück slate.

You can feel 12 different surfaces on the 1.5 km long barefoot trail in the multi-generation park in Grenderich. Walk barefoot over soft bark mulch, solid wood, forest floor, gravel, grit, sand and slate.

You can experience pure adrenaline on the Geierlay suspension rope bridge, which is the most beautiful suspension rope bridge in Germany with a length of 360 metres and connects the village of Sosberg in the Zell region with Mörsdorf in the Rhine-Hunsrück district.

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