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The southern Hunsrück

There are some real treasures just waiting to be discovered in the southern Hunsrück. As early as the Middle Ages, agate, rock crystal and amethyst were mined here, and the region became famous far and wide thanks to the perfect craftsmanship of its agate cutters. Today, the ancient tradition of gemstone cutting and jewellery making are maintained in more than 60 cutting shops and workshops.

Visitors can watch over the shoulders of the craftsmen as they go about their work, or can even go on a mineral hunt themselves. The finest precious gemstones are on display in several museums. The Deutsche Edelsteinstrasse (German Gemstone Route) connects all the towns that have been shaped by the gemstone industry.

Here you will find natural features such as the Mörschieder Burr or the Kirschweiler Fortress, which are also located in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park.

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