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Winter sports in the Hunsrück

We can't guarantee snow, but if there is some, we can promise you plenty of skiing fun in the Hunsrück! If there is sufficient snow, why not go Alpine skiing on the Erbeskopf mountain? Or tobogganing in the Dollberge mountains? And if there is a good fall of snow, the Hunsrück can also be explored on a whole host of marked cross-country ski trails.

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Weather in the Hunsrück

Someone once said that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. Do you want to take a look at today's weather in the Hunsrück, or check out the forecast for the next few days?

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Webcams in the Hunsrück

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Arriving in the Hunsrück

There are many ways of getting to the Hunsrück: in your own car or motorhome, conveniently on a bus or train, or very fast on a plane. In this section we provide information on how to make your way here.

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