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Attractions in the Hunsrück

What can you experience and discover in the Hunsrück?
The Kell reservoir, the fire brigade museum in Hermeskeil, the Erbeskopf summer toboggan run and trail park, the Belginum archaeology park, Dill Castle, the Grenderich barefoot park, the Simmersee lake, the Rheinböllen animal park, the Geierlay suspension rope bridge and the Emmelshausen Centre at the Park (ZAP) are just a small selection of the more than 400 excursion tips in the Hunsrück.

In this section you can find excursion destinations in the Hunsrück in the categories of sport and leisure, art and culture, and tourist attractions. You can either open them all in an unsorted list, or filter them according to particular themes and sub-themes.

Sport and leisure

Those who like to do sports on vacation will find numerous tips here

Art and culture

Here you will find galleries, museums and exhibitions.

Tourist attractions

Castles, palaces, historical buildings, churches, museums and much more.