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To all journalists and editors: our online press service can provide you with a suitable press text about the Hunsrück holiday region at any time in the form of themed press releases. You are welcome to publish the text either in full or in an abridged form if required. You can find an appropriate accompanying image in our image database.

Press releases

In this section you can find general press releases about the Hunsrück holiday region.


Image database

In this section you can download high resolution images. You will require a password to access the database. Please contact us for the password.


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Weather in the Hunsrück

Someone once said that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. Do you want to take a look at today's weather in the Hunsrück, or check out the forecast for the next few days?

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Webcams in the Hunsrück

Simmern / Kastellaun (www) Erbeskopf (www)

Arriving in the Hunsrück

There are many ways of getting to the Hunsrück: in your own car or motorhome, conveniently on a bus or train, or very fast on a plane. In this section we provide information on how to make your way here.

Getting here

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